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Friday, April 7, 2017

Meet my new blog: Putz o' the Week

Putz: Yiddish for dickhead

Sketches is dedicated to uplifting side of life. Travel, discovery, art, literature, food, that sort of thing. But as you can tell from the irregular nature of my posts, there are times when I am at a loss when it comes to fresh subject matter. The solution demanded a blog of its own. A blog that focuses a spotlight on a public person, typically one involved in government or is otherwise trying to influence our lives for their own personal profit and who end up disgracing themselves and diminishing the world around them.

There, I am sure you will agree, is a bottomless well from which to dredge up weekly subject matter. Sad, but true.

And so I introduce my new blog, Putz o' the Week. The first installment, April 7, 2017, features Arizona's own very junior Senator Jeff Flake. I'm sure he is thrilled at the honor and eagerly anticipating the presentation of his Putz o' the Week certificate, which he will receive at his next town hall meeting. In other words never, since the putz is bound and determined not to put himself into a situation where he has to answer difficult questions in public.

If I was him I think I'd feel the same way.

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