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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


A few days ago I posted a photograph on my "Alan's Bookshelf" Facebook page. That page, which was originally called "Alan Hutcheson, Writer" was meant to help me promote my novel. From everything I could tell, it helped not one little bit. So I changed the emphasis of the page to excerpts from really good, or even great books. Not just a phrase or sentence, no bumper sticker sized quotes, but decent, if still bite sized chunks of what I consider to be wonderful writing. The response was tepid. So I figured, what the heck, I'll just use the page to create a photo inventory of the books in the house. Who cared if nobody cared? Surprisingly, a few more folks showed up for that show. Not many more, but still.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I posted a photograph I had taken over a year ago at the Mesa Festival of Creativity. It got more views by far than any literary post and a few thumbs up. A few days ago I followed that with some shots I had taken when we were on our Trip of a Lifetime to the UK and Ireland. All sorts of people found that interesting. Well, I have pondered a bit on just what this all means and have come to the conclusion that People Like Pretty Pictures. They like them more than Well Chosen and Arranged Words. So, since I am having no little bit of fun with my Adobe Lightroom software and there are literally thousands of photos in need of proper cataloging and a bit of tweaking, and since "Sketches by Plumboz" has been rather dormant for a while, here is where I will post my photos.

No master plan other than presenting pictures I have taken that I like and that I hope you will like. If there happens to be a story behind them I might present it, briefly. But as of now, Sketches by Plumboz is all about pretty pictures.

Today, we have photos taken at Castle Howard in Yorkshire.


Lexi said...

I like pictures.

I've never been to Castle Howard. Almost too much statuary, do you think? But lovely grounds.

Alan Hutcheson said...

Lots of statuary, yes. Also lots of paintings hanging on the walls, but they generally don't make as interesting a subject for the camera. It was a drizzly day and we arrived before the place opened so we wandered around the grounds for a while. Overcast days make for good lighting for flowers and greenery.

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