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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On the Bookstore Shelf

There 'tis, snuggled alongside Escape Artist (an Edna Ferber Mystery) by Ed Ifkovic and published by Scottsdale's Poisoned Pen Press, and Bloodmoney (A Novel of Espionage)  by David Ignatius, published by the folks at W.W. Norton. Kind of makes me wonder if I need a parentheses sort of title to play with the big boys. The book on the other side, The Fourth Codex, by Robert Houston, is a used volume, with Amazon showing a publishing date of 1990, so Mr. Houston can be excused for the absence of any parenthetical appendages I suppose.

The shelf shown here is in the Mystery section of Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, Arizona. I'm not so sure that Boomerang qualifies as a mystery, it being more of a comic crime novel, but as Comic Crime has not yet earned a section of its own in any bookstore I know of I will be content to loiter amongst the Christies, Parkers, Graftons and Ifkovics of the literary world. If only the end of the "H's" wasn't on the bottom row...

I paid a visit to Changing Hands this morning to bring them a "staff" copy of Boomerang, hoping, of course, that at least one or two of their booksellers will give it a read, like it and tell customers about this gem of a book by a local author. Since the chances of it even being glanced at in a place swarming with ARC's (Advance Reading Copies) and all the other worthy volumes the place is swamped with every day is slight in the extreme, I made sure my book was accompanied by food. A lone book by an unknown author is, understandably, easy to ignore, but when it is ribbon tied to a bag of peanut butter stuffed pretzels and bucket of bite sized chocolate chip cookies in the employee breakroom I've got to believe it's bound to attract at least some attention. Shelly, the consignment manager, even said she would put a "Please Read Me" sign by Boomerang, so I'm hoping the combination will make at least a little bit of magic.

Beginning on Thursday, September 1, Boomerang will be on a display wall near the front of the store in a spot where they feature Local and Independent Authors. None of this spine to the public nonsense, instead a full face forward with Laura Lakey's terrific cover art shouting "buy this book!" to anyone within ten yards. Of course, just as publishers pay to get books they are trying to push in the windows and on the front displays of bookstores, there is a monthly fee to have ones book featured on the Local and Indy wall. The strategy of making my debut there in September, one of those "thirty days have" months, may be open to debate, but there you go, at least it's not February.

I will certainly be making another visit to Changing Hands as soon as I can once Boomerang is face forward. Take a photo, accost innocent book browsers, make a megaphone announcement about a blue light special at the Local Author wall. Whatever I can get away with.

Go Ye Forth and Do Likewise.

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