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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Garden, May 26

Not much to report this week. Biggest news is that the Swiss Chard is out and in its place I have put a couple of zucchini plants. That is usually a good summer crop around here. Sometimes too good. People run and hide when they see you approaching with a paper bag.

The grapes are growing bit by bit. Just the one cluster, but still, it's pretty cool. The vines themselves are going great guns. I have actually had to trim them back lately.

One tomato doing the ripening thing so far. Unfortunately it also seems to a have at least a minor case of blossom end rot. Bummer.

More tomatoes are showing up on the Rutgers heirloom plants. I hope our hot weather doesn't fry them before they are ready for harvest.

The Santa Fe Grande pepper plant is showing some progress.

Hate to say it, but the short blackberry harvest is going to end soon. Still a few ripening on the bramble, but this morning there wasn't enough ripe fruit to bother picking. Going to see if I can get a bowl full tomorrow.
See you later.

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