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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back to the Garden

The latch to the gate that leads to the garden.

Well, I haven't been very good about getting you your weekly peek at the veggie garden, now have I? Some of the fault is mine, no doubt, but some has to do with, you guessed it, the damned computer situation. Our old one, the only one that seemed to allow me to post photos, was on its last legs, so to speak, and now we have a lovely new one and it has taken me a while to figure it out. I think I've got it now. So this morning I took my new  digital SLR, and put my old Vivitar 135mm 1:2 macro lens on it and did some manual metering and had me a good ol' time.

Three tomato plants and so far we have two tomatoes. This is the bigger of the two. Next week I will do the wider shots, but today I was just enjoying the macro.

Nothing much going on with the Santa Fe Grande pepper plant yet, but there are a few bell peppers coming along.

One of the Rutgers heirloom tomato plants has a number of blossoms. I sure hopes that means good things. We'll see. I haven't had much luck with tomatoes the past few years.

Ah, the blackberry bramble. Most of the berries are still green, but there are little sparkles of red here and there. Just a matter of time before they deepen and sweeten and call to me.

The grapevine has little grapelings.

I am going to have to find the name of this vine. The little purple flowers are really nice.

Go Ye Forth and Do Likewise!

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Lexi said...

I can't Go Forth and Do Likewise. I don't have a garden, or the climate for peppers.


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