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Friday, April 8, 2011

Garden Continued

Second installment in my How My Garden Grows. The photo shows that my blackberry bramble is attracting the bees, which is a good thing. Lots of blossoms showing up, I do hope that means a great harvest next month.

Home Depot had one grape vine left, so we scooped it up. With any luck we will have table grapes this summer. That's Odie's tail in the bottom right corner of the second photo. He takes an interest, you know?

The swiss chard and lettuce are hanging in there, courtesy of some unseasonably cool weather lately. Heck, it's only supposed to be 71 degrees today and a shivery 60 degrees accompanied by rain tomorrow. That brief excursion into triple digit territory we had a week or so back is being fended off, at least for a bit. Going to enjoy every moment we can.

The cilantro and oregano are doing pretty well. It won't be long before they can contribute to the herb needs of the kitchen. The tomato plants have added some growth and are looking like they survived the transplant just fine. Keeping my fingers crossed we can actually get a harvest out of them this year.

Not much happening with the pepper plants yet, but then it's every going and they may be waiting for the warm (hot) weather. I'm particularly interested in just what the Santa Fe Grande will be like. Good for salsa perhaps?

Overall view of the blackberry bramble. See, lots of blossoms, and although they are tough to see, lots of buzz-buzz bees.

Okay, I'm off to work on The Baer Boys. 

Go Ye Forth and Do Likewise. Whatever your particular Baer Boys project happens to be. Or you can go play in the dirt! It's fun.

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Anna said...

Like Lexi, my inspiration often comes in the bath, but I find a little inspiration in gardening too.

Your garden looks better than mine! So your blog is now inspiring me to get out in the sunshine and grow forth.

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