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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reviews, You Just Never Know

One of my writer friends, Lexi Revellian, who has had wonderful, well deserved success with her novel, Remix, had her book reviewed at  a site called BCFReviews. This is a British based site with lots of reviewers, and the one who reviewed Remix gave it a splendid writeup. There was no way for me to tell whether that particular review helped Lexi's sales (Remix has amassed over 16,000 sales in little more than half a year, a remarkable accomplishment for any indie writer), but I figured it probably didn't hurt. And since the vast majority of my sales have been in the UK, I contacted BCFReviews to see if they might be interested in checking out Boomerang.

After a wait of a few weeks, I received a response. Yes, the same reviewer who had read Lexi's book had expressed interest in mine. Paperback version required, no ebooks. That meant I had to purchase a copy of my own book (no, I don't get free copies) and pay to mail it to the UK. Total cost over twenty-four dollars. Close to three months passed before the review appeared. And I only knew about it because it came up in a Google alert, BCF did not alert me. And it's easy to guess why. She did not like the book at all. The review, which is all of two paragraphs long, it uniformly negative. She found it difficult to get through and felt it was unsure of its intentions, wavering uncertainly between comedy and "serious." There were too many characters and she had problems keeping it all straight. Lord help this woman if she ever tackles War And Peace.

Review at BCF.

But whatever, everyone has their own likes and dislikes and I just lucked onto a reviewer who likes her stories straightforward and her characters few. Fair enough. Just wish I hadn't spent the equivalent of the royalties from about seventy ebooks to get briefly dismissed by Kell Smurthwaite.

And then yesterday I receive a note from lovely Lexi asking if I had seen another review that had just popped up on the web. I clicked on the link and found a very nice, rather effusive and yet constructively critical review on a blog called "The No Hoper" run by a gentleman name of Iain Manson, an author himself. Lovely comparisons to writing gods Douglas Adams, Tom Sharpe and even Evelyn Waugh. The points Ms. Smurthwaite found off-putting were no problem for Mr. Manson, he recognized the risks I had taken and felt they had been negotiated with skill. Very nice to hear.

Review at The No Hoper.

It certainly lifted my spirits and it didn't cost me a dime.

I don't think I will pay for any more reviews.

Go Ye Forth and Do Likewise.

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