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Monday, January 31, 2011

This Hiking Thing is Pretty Nice

We have recently discovered the joy of hiking. A couple of weeks ago we hosted an Australian student for about ten days and although the group she was traveling with had much of the their time booked with various sightseeing outings--including some inexplicable shopping mall trips, but I know how those things are arranged and by the malls pursuit of busloads of shoppers--her weekends were open and we wanted to show her a bit of our glorious state that the tour stops wouldn't. So, even though it had been decades since we ourselves had been there, on her last full day with us we took a dusty, bumpy to the Superstition Mountains and hiked a portion of the Peralta Trail with her. She loved it. And strangely enough so did we. Enough to convince us to replace our sneakers with proper hiking boots and see about doing some more hiking pretty soon.

Luckily, our good friends you see in the above pic with my wife and daughter, were just as interested. Andy and Rhonda are already pretty avid hikers and Jon and Ann have some experience themselves, so we made a group and headed out to Seven Springs, a bit north of the town of Cave Creek. An even longer, dustier drive than to Peralta got us to the Cave Creek Trailhead and for the next three hours or so we enjoyed the quiet, the varying scenery, the exercise, each others' company and saying howdy to the occasional fellow hiker or jogger. So here we have a few of the resulting photos.

We talked Jon down off the ledge. Way to slippery. Of course I didn't take that excellent advice and ended up dunking my right foot a bit deeper than I wanted in the creek. Thank goodness for waterproof hiking boots.
See you later!

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