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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Japanese Friendship Garden and First Fridays

Just wanted to share some photos I took this past Friday evening. We took the light rail to downtown Phoenix to check out the Japanese Friendship Gardens and First Fridays. One is a serene oasis and the other is a bit of a raucous, if very congenial, "happening". I enjoyed both. Although my enjoyment of the even probably had a lot to do with discovering a little record (yes, I said record) store along the route blocked off for First Fridays. For about nine dollars I got albums by Count Basie, Joe Venuti and George Barnes and replaced a double album by Focus that I had ill advisedly edited out of my collection some years ago.

The light rail "driver" announced as we approached Phoenix that there would be a slight delay around 52nd Street as we changed drivers. On one side of where we stopped was the Tovrea Castle. On the other side of the road was what I suppose one would call, for lack of a more accurate term, a gentlemen's club. It did leave us to wonder just where the replacement driver had been spending his time.

The Portland district, which we walked through on our way to and from the Japanese Friendship Gardens, is a nice area of townhomes and businesses like the insurance agency this Nash Metropolitan promotes.

Tap dancers. I love tap dancing.

Not exactly a hole in the wall, but definitely on the neighborhood eatery side, especially if your neighborhood is south of the border. We had a very nice meal here, although some of our party had to be persuaded not to retreat to the Quiznos across the street. Here's a link to a review site with some other folks' comments about Tacos de Juarez. The place doesn't seem to have its own website. No surprise there.

The lightrail train was packed on our way back to Mesa. This fellow, with his bicycle, took up more than his share of space. But it was tough to be upset about it since it was a pretty good bet he had no space to call his own. When we got to our station, which was the end of the line, he did not get off the train.

Go Ye Forth and Do Likewise

Although you might want to get off the train eventually.

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