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Sunday, February 28, 2010

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The paperback version of Boomerang has now been out for a year. The ebook version, which I hadn't even thought about creating until a much more tech savvy friend suggested it to me, has been available since September, 2009, so about six months. I had promised myself when the paperback was released that I would devote one year to trying to get the word out and that would be that. Well, a year is here and it's time I kept my promise to myself. I have to say that I am glad I did the ebook since it has found its way into a lot more Kindles and Nooks and Sony ebook readers than the paperback has found homes on bookshelves and nightstands, but a promise is a promise and so as of tomorrow morning I will not be loitering around message boards trying to get the word out about my novel. No coupons for half price ebooks, no searching for folks who do reviews, trying to get them to give some space over to Boomerang. My email signature will still point out that I have a book available and at least once a day I will likely check to see if any copies have sold on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, but that is it.

I don't regret the time and energy spent, especially since I was smart enough to follow the "do an ebook" bit of advice. While the ten dollar paperback has been almost dead in the water for the past several months, since September almost six hundred copies of the ebook have been downloaded. Admittedly a good percentage of them were gotten when I was offering it for free, and it has become obvious to me that a lot of ebook readers like to build up substantial TBR (To Be Read) lists and that there is a good chance most of their accumulated stash will never get read, but on the other hand I have heard from lots of people who have read and enjoyed the book and never would have even heard of it if I hadn't made it available in digital form. A new message board devoted to the Nook, the ebook device being sold by Barnes and Noble, even was kind enough to select Boomerang as their very first Book Club ebook.

So thanks to all of my friends here who have understood this marketing effort and restrained themselves when I am sure they would have been more than justified in saying Give it a Rest, Would You?

But now it is time to get back to writing. It has never gone away, but it certainly has been a sort of second class citizen at times and I can't help think it has suffered, and I have suffered, because of it. Starting tomorrow morning I will let Boomerang take care of itself. Heck, I'm not even sure the paperback is going to be available that much longer. My understanding is that the folks at that little UK publisher are getting set to impose some sort of annual Keep it in The Catalog fee and I ain't going for that.

It won't be easy, breaking this habit of figuring out where and when I expand on or enhance or otherwise freshen up the marketing effort. But what I really want to do right now is finish The Baer Boys and then finish the next Ted and Jerry adventure. Checking the reports from Amazon or Smashwords and finding out one or two or even ten copies of my book have sold that day does bring a lift. But it's nothing like the feeling I get when I have written five hundred words of something new. That is success.

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Lexi said...

Are these the Amazon message boards you refer to? Is that where you've been? And are they a good place to hang out?

So many things distract one from writing, it's surprising the slush piles are so big. Submissions are time-consuming enough, but promoting sales must be worse.

I think you're sensible to put a limit on it: it's the writing that matters.

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