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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Matsuri 2010

Once again we attended the Phoenix Matsuri at Heritage Park. And just like last year we enjoyed riding the light rail from Mesa to downtown Phoenix. This mass transit thing, I'm tellin' ya, it may just be the wave of the future, eh?

Anyway, not much to report from the festival except it was pretty much as expected. The food was okay, the kimonos beautiful, the crowd good-natured bordering on bubbly, and the entertainment variable as all get out. I had a good time as did the rest of the family and the half-dozen friends of our daughter that came along. Next year, though, I want to go to the Highland Games. See some good ol' caber tossing.

Here are a few photos from yesterday.

A little bonsai demonstration

    There is a time capsule at the park placed by The Phoenix Gazette newspaper. Unfortunately, The Gazette no longer exists, so when the capsule is opened in 2080 it will probably be supervised by execs from YouTube or The Daily Show or something.                

  The dancers were practicing the mirror that was the glass wall. The kid, well the kid was just having a good time.

 The little one in the pink saw my camera and immediately struck a pose!

 This is Lucky Cat.

I just liked this view of the little bamboo plants and their marbles.

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