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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kreativ Blogging Award

Hey, I've Gotten an Award!

Incredible though it may seem, Sketches by Plumboz has received the coveted Kreativ Blogger Award. This prestigious award involves a substantial amount of cash, to be paid to my descendants in irregular installments as determined by the cast of "30 Rock", dinner at the White House with Dick Cheney (date to be chosen from among "President and Family Not In Residence" dates on White House calendar), and a guest spot on a repeat episode of "Montel Williams Cooks Thai!".

Naturally, an award with such special and profitable consequences has a string or two attached. I have to expose seven things about myself that are not general knowledge, and I need to recommend seven other worthy blogs.

So, here goes.

1.  I like the music of Gary Lewis and the Playboys

2.  My shoulders are not even

3.  I played Geoffrey, the middle son of Henry II in a college production of "Lion in Winter" and I did not look too terrible in those damned itchy woolen leggings we had to wear. Just terrible enough for people to comment.

4.  I can't get my lawn to look good no matter what I do.

5.  I like cloudy days.

6.  I live in the sunniest metropolitan area in the country (Phoenix) Okay, so that's not really a little known fact, but let's face it, my life is an open book. With highlighted paragraphs and dogeared pages.

7.  I make really good waffles.

Wow, that was tough and not a little embarrassing. But it's over, so now we'll move on to Seven Blog Worth Your Time.

7.  Anthony Bourdain  I think he would especially like to be awarded the Kreativ Blogger badge of honor.

Go Ye Forth and Do Likewise!


Lexi said...

1. I've found Gary Lewis on Youtube - hmm...

2. I'd never noticed! Don't worry about it. *pats highest shoulder*

3. Which one was Geoffrey? I saw the film so long ago I've forgotten. All the sons were a bit odd, if I remember rightly.

4. Lawns are over-rated. Leave it to its own devices and tell people it's a meadow area like the Prince of Wales has.

5. Yes, but sunny's good too. And rain.

6. Ooh, can I steal that metaphor and use it in my book? (I'm not very good at metaphors.)

7. That is no good to me at all, with the Atlantic between us. I've never had a waffle. Not fair.

Alan Hutcheson aka Plumboz said...


"Just My Style" by Gary Lewis and the Playboys was playing at Trader Joe's (my favorite grocery store), and it reminded me of my youth, which probably wasn't as wonderful as I like to think it was.

The left shoulder has a different slant to it and ends at a different plane than the right. I think it has something to do with me being a Gemini.

Geoffrey was the middle son, the one who never became king. The others were Richard the Lionhearted and John of Magna Carta fame. Geoffrey, if I recall, died jousting or whoring or something.

I've tried the meadow ploy with my wife. Doesn't work.

I like cloudy. Mild and cloudy.

You may steal any metaphor of mine you like.

Never had a waffle? My dear Lexi, this is not right. If I could send you one with any assurance it would arrive in a state representing the true waffle experience I would. You need to visit the United States if only to have waffles. It's settled. We shall meet in New York and find the nearest Waffle House restaurant.

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