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Thursday, October 29, 2009

So Why Is It Called "Sketches" by Plumboz?

Excellent question. Like many enterprises, this one started with a certain plan in mind, a method of operation that I thought I would be able to sustain, that in fact, would in itself help me in keeping a blog fresh and up to date. I would sketch something, use it as an original illustration to top off whatever I wanted to write about at that moment (whether it related in any readily identifiable way with the drawing or not), and in so doing not only reap the benefits to be had from the act of drawing (just ask Mr. DaVinci how drawing exercises the mind and puts one in touch with the world around us), but provide a source of amusement to my readers. The term “wobbly sketches” was coined by a reader friend just for my drawings
But as so often happens with original intentions, the drawings subsided. Time, interest, and subject matter (or at least subject matter I could come anywhere close to rendering in a recognizable fashion) all seemed to become less and less abundant. It has been months since I have opened up my sketchbook and done my worst with a pencil.

Shame on me.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t trot out a few of my favorites once more. Perhaps it will inspire me to take up the pencil once more. Perhaps not. But it’s pretty certain they will provide at least a chuckle or two from those who can make a tree look like a tree.

A bench in our backyard. Hardly ever gets sat on. Pity.
Used to be a store called Harolds in the same shopping center as the store I managed. Both stores are gone now.
Tried to draw Odie, my longhaired doxie. Hope he never sees this.
Front window of Victoria's Secret, also close to my old store
Think I can get a gig at Bon Appetit magazine?
By our patio door.
There you go, a Greatest Hits from my Sketching Period.

Go Ye Forth and Do Likewise!


Lexi said...

It was I who coined that phrase, wobbly drawings, and I want the credit!

They have a lot of careless charm. (I have a bench like that on my balcony, and it too seldom gets sat on. I wonder why?)

Alan Hutcheson aka Plumboz said...

Yes, it was my supremely talented artist/jeweler/author friend Lexi who coined the term Wobbly Sketches. Short, to the point and quite,quite accurate.

I don't know about the charm. But I will admit they give off an air of carelessness, even though some of them required intense concentration on my part. It just doesn't show!

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