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Monday, October 19, 2009

Back on Track

The business of a writer, one would be excused for thinking, is to write. Sit down, scribble on a page or tap on a keyboard, and produce something. And since I have been identifying myself as a writer for some time now, one would also be excused for thinking that I occupy as much of my time as possible writing.

But lately that hasn't been the case and it is not a satisfactory feeling at all. Which is strange since what has been taking up what should be my writing time has been promoting time. A single note on the site from a fellow member there pointed me in the direction of a place called There I learned so much about the production and distribution of ebooks that for the last four weeks have been devoted to first Making the eBook of Boomerang all spiffy and easy to read, and then Getting the Word Out. Result, at least so far, is what should be a very gratifying bump in number of copies of Boomerang out there in the real world. In that four week time span more than one hundred and fifty people have downloaded Boomerang to their Kindles or other ebook devices. That is a nice big leap in my readership and it ought to make me pleased. And it does. But getting there has been such a blasted diversion from writing the satisfaction of making the sales has been fleeting. Ooh! I sold four copies today! Sweet! Let's see where else I can get the word out and maybe tomorrow I'll sell five!

It has all boiled down to a Big Whoop without some fresh writing to accompany it.

So today I get back on track. I have a feeling whatever I crank out is going to be lousy, but as Anne Lamott would remind us, shitty first drafts are where it all begins. The compost from which the good stuff sprouts, as it were.

Go Ye Forth and Do Likewise.

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