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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Words Since Last Update: 94 (we will not dwell on this number, except to say, at least it's something)

Current Word Count: 16810

Current Chapter: Eight

Yep, still on Chapter Eight. Today has been a bit more of a Living a Life than a Writing a Novel time. Another early day at work. At six o'clock this AM I was leading a team of seven in the big push to set-up the current sales campaign at the store. Good people, each and every one of them, resourceful, hard-working, easy to get along with, I could ask for no better working companions. We got a lot done. As a matter of fact in spite of a few challenges we have faced the past two days, we are ahead of schedule and the place looks pretty good. A gratifying day at the ol' day-job.

Then I come home to a bit of a reaction to what I had originally posted as "Monday, September 7, 2009 (part 2). If you scroll on down now, what you will see is my revised version. The original should have never seen the light of day and I have to say I am ashamed of myself for ever hitting the "Publish" button after writing it. I am still ambitious to see Writing a Novel, Living a Life begin attracting a wider readership, but in the original I made a comment about the fellow who has the fascinatingly titled blog The Bloviating* Hammerhead** that was out of line and, if I may say, out of what I hope is my true character. Shame on me.

But oft-times when we do something wrong, and repent, something positive can come of it. Jim Bennett, author of The Bloviating Hammerhead, wrote a comment, I went back and read more of what he has posted, and we have since exchanged a couple of very agreeable notes. We may still have differences of opinion, but thanks to his generous nature, the door was open to a gentlemanly reconciliation and for that I would like to publicly say thanks. To top it all off, Mr. Bennett ordered a copy of Boomerang, an act I will not soon forget. I very much hope he enjoys it.

After the blog hoopla it was time for dinner. My turn to cook. The basil is finally beginning to do something out in what passes for our garden, so it was pasta with pesto this evening. Good eats.

Tomorrow I can sleep a bit later than 4:00 AM. And once the grocery shopping is done I will still have some time before work to get some writing done. Sounds good to me.

See ya,


* according to my Merriam Webster, "bloviate" means "to speak or write verbosely or windily".

** I have no idea about the Hammerhead part. But you can bet I will be asking Mr. Bennett.

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