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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy One Month Anniversary to Writing a Novel, Living a Life.

On August 3rd, I reported 2598 words so far. That means 12,534 words (net) have been produced in one month's time. At this rate, I should have a first draft at least by February 20, 2010, which is what I'm shooting for. Product ready to send to agents by August 1, 2010.

Okay, that's enough celebration, time to get something done.

Words Since Last Update: 458 (not so hot considering it's been two days)

Word Count So Far: 15132

Current Chapter: Just started Chapter Eight!

You'd think as somebody passing himself off as a writer I would be better at taking notes. You know, jotting down ideas so that when I need them (which is almost never when I actually get them) they are there, ready and willing and fresh as a daisy.

But I'm not there. Case in point, today I did the grocery shopping. I had a list, mostly filled in by my dear wife. I came up with the last dinner idea, which requires "good quality marinara sauce". No problem. Heck, I even found a coupon from ol' blue eyes Paul Newman his own dearly departed self that would save me something like fifty cents on a jar of his stuff. But what I didn't do was write it on the grocery list. Result? You bet, I forgot to buy it at the grocery store. Ended up getting a Costco three pack of Classico sauce instead. Spent more money and it'll probably be a while before we use jars number two and three since we tend to make our own sauces around the Hutcheson household.

Anyway, I know marinara sauce doesn't have much to do with writing a novel, but the same thing, only with worse consequences, happens to me all the time. I'll get a great idea while driving to work, or eating breakfast or as I'm just about to fall asleep or right as I'm waking up and I don't write it down and before you know it, the blasted thing is gone. Poof! And what is worse, Costco doesn't carry what I need to correct that situation, not even in the gallon size.

A quick word here about Boomerang. (The link will take you to Boomerang's Amazon page) Since making it available for Kindle download (and that link will take you to its Kindle page) in April, a total of three people have invested one buck each in the book, and the latest to do so did it just yesterday, as far as I can tell. I think it is neat that books can be made available that way and I'm glad I was able to get Boomerang (and lastly, that link will take you to the page here on Wordpress where you can read the opening chapters) out there like that. But I am worried that my very limited computer skills have resulted in a product that isn't quite what it should be, presentation-wise. Impossible for me to compare to other Kindle downloads since I don't have a Kindle nor do I have an iPhone or iTouch, both of which can take Kindle downloads. All I can do is preview on my computer and for some reason the prologue keeps coming out with weird indents no matter what I try to tweak. So..............if there is anybody out there who can give me a nudge in the right direction for Kindle formatting, please raise your hand. I'd really appreciate it. In the meantime, I do hope those three people who have each put down a dollar on the book enjoy it.

Time to sidle up to 16,000.

See ya

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