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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 8, 2009

Words Since Last Update: 347

Current Word Count: 16716

Current Chapter: Eight

Okay, I hate to keep bringing up The Olde One, but today it has been more difficult than usual to keep my mind off Boomerang. That's what happens when a copy actually sells through Amazon, which it did yesterday, sending the ranking zooming from over two million to 94,000. That's quite a jump from one sale, but the thing is, unless another sale comes along and soon the giddy atmosphere of a five digit ranking soon dissipates and just a day later here comes 500,000 looming on the horizon, getting nearer and nearer every time I look. Which I shouldn't be doing, I should be writing, right? I told myself I could check on Boomerang twice a day, morning and night, and that was it. But when, after weeks and weeks of no action whatsoever, at least on Amazon, a sale happens and the rank goes nicely up, it makes one think, Hey! maybe folks are finally discovering it! Maybe more sales will happen, and soon! Maybe, just maybe good things will begin to happen.

But it never happens and I should know better. At the very least I should let it do its own thing and just keep moving forward.

But you know, that's not easy. Not one bit. So I guess what with having to be at work at six o'clock this morning and the break room being noisy as heck while I was trying to write during lunch, and things needing doing when I got home, I should be glad for a word count of three hundred and forty seven words today. And although not a whole lot of forward progress was made, what I produced today is, I think good stuff.

See ya.

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