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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Words Since Last Update: 356

Current Word Count: 17567

Current Chapter: Just Finished Eight!

Okay, so I said I would not only have gotten to the end of Eight but be into Nine by the next update (this one). Well, a little case of stomach flu has slowed me down but I'm still happy. I've got a roaring headache and I haven't eaten anything besides crackers and a bit of fruit for the last twenty hours, but Chapter Eight finally makes a bit of sense and I got it to the point I wanted. The ending point.

Today was supposed to be a work day, but after the usual manifestations of stomach flu made themselves at home in (and out) of me last night work was not where I was destined to be today. Slept, fitfully, for almost twelve hours, staggered into the shower, sipped water, sat in the recliner and that was about that for a while. Beethoven called to me again, but not the symphonies I listened to yesterday, woodwind ensemble pieces instead, played nice and softly. Then I thought perhaps I would have a look at the ol YouWriteOn website. I've been a member almost since its inception over three and a half years ago but I haven't participated much this past year. But I clicked on, asked for an assignment, and received a piece that actually was written pretty well. Fun dialogue, good scene setting, the whole shebang. Even through the headache, it was a pleasure to read.

Well, my chicken soup is ready now. I'm hungry.

See ya.

Ha! I got through an entire post without once mentioning Boomerang. Well, until now, that is.

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