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Monday, September 28, 2009

It's ebook Time!

I am diving into the world of e-books and let me tell you, it's a new experience and I'm learning something practically every step of the way. I had posted Boomerang as a Kindle book on Amazon, but since then I have had the great good fortune to be pointed in the direction of and the great Style Guide written by Mark Coker has helped me polish up what apparently was a not so great formatting job I had done.

So now Boomerang is also published through Smashwords and the cool thing is that they support numerous formats that cover just about any device, including your run of the mill PC, that someone might have to read books electronically.

The price for the e-book version of Boomerang is just ninety-nine cents. And while it would be great to see those royalties pile up (yep, even at ninety-nine cents a book the guy who wrote it actually receives a bit of cash for his efforts!) if you drop me a note here and say you saw this blog entry, I'll send you a coupon code that can make the book free!

Boomerang on Smashwords

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Lexi said...

Why isn't your blog updating in my links section? It's stuck on Anne Lamott, right down the bottom. I've taken it off and reloaded it to no avail.

Re eBooks, maybe this is a good time for authors after all, and timid agents and publishers will go, unregretted, to the wall, while the best of the writers they passed over will triumph :o)

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