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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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I'm sitting at my desk, mildly and quite pleasantly distracted by Radio Deluxe. It's a weekly program with jazz guitarist and singer John Pizzarelli and his wife, jazz singer Jessica Molaskey, or jazz singer Jessica Molaskey and her guitarist/husband John Pizzarelli, whichever seems appropriate to you. I just discovered the program through the email updates I subscribe to on John Pizzarelli's website. They spin favorite jazz tunes (right now Rosemary Clooney is singing the achingly lovely song "Always"), have some light conversation with a special guest. This broadcast their guest is David Hyde Pierce. He talks about his involvement in the Broadway musical Curtains, they play the ten tunes that is the required host/hostess gift guests must to the Pizzarelli.Molaskey digs "high atop Lexington Avenue". Outside of the fact that every once in while Pizzarelli is trying just a tad too hard with the humor, it is just an enormous amount of fun.

I've been a fan of John Pizzarelli's for many years. He is a wonderful guitarist and singer, I really like the material he selects, and often as not he sings them in keys I can negotiate without too much trouble while driving. Okay, maybe I don't quite hit the notes dead on, but hell, I'm alone in the car and I'm not what would call your super critical audience. Where was I? Ah, another big reason I like Pizzarelli is because he always conveys a real joy in his music; he has that impossible to fake vibe that comes from doing something he loves. And now that I have had my first chance to hear Ms. Molaskey both speak and sing, I detect the very same joy in her. I now want a Molaskey CD of my very own.

Now. I don't know these people personally, but it sure seems like what we have here are soul mates who know what they want out of life and work hard and with, here's that word again, joy, and they are making it happen.

That's really cool. And it's something to aim for.

Now its time to write. With joy. And maybe there will be a fart or two. Still don't have a dog in CEFJ, but I'm sure one will show up before too long.

See ya.

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