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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Words Since Last Update: 360 or so

Current Word Count: 14004

Current Chapter: Chapter Six is on its own for a while. Time to move on.

Friday I got another rejection note from an agent regarding Boomerang. Yep, even though it is a real book and you can buy it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and all that (hint, hint) I am still every once in a while trying to see if maybe it can see more of the world through the good services of a bit larger publishing enterprise. One that can actually put it in bookstores and give it a snappy cover. The rejection was one of those supposedly "encouraging" ones I read about in the latest Writers' Digest magazine since she included the phrase "your work sounds intriguing" although I suppose that could be standard verbiage for that agency's form letter. But it was not quite the usual "Please excuse the impersonal nature of this note" that is the norm, so that was nice. Still, it was a rejection and so there we go. I have sent out four queries in the past few months. Two have come back with No Go. A third was sent to an agency that promises not to respond at all if they are not interested (don't know why I bothered) and the fourth, which was actually the earliest one I sent and the only one that went snail mail, accompanied by SASE and the first fifty pages, is really the only one I'm very much hoping will say "yes". At this point I'm thinking that's either not going to happen or their incoming box is so stuffed they haven't even gotten to something sent close to three months ago. In any case I just keep on with the new one. Not much else to do, eh?

So here's my report on the last couple of days.

Once again going against what I declared my was going to be my modus operandi (did I spell that right?) this time around, I did spend a bit of time yesterday before work and this morning trying to catch typos, logic gaps and whatever else wasn't up to snuff in what I had already written. I've really cut down on this Revise As I Should Be Forging Ahead thing, but I still do it and I still find ways to justify it in my head. The main defence I have is that a big reason I love to write is because every once in a great while I craft what might just qualify as a Really Good
Sentence or a Choice Turn of Phrase and the satisfaction that comes with doing so is tremendous. My heroes are writers who do that on an irritatingly regular basis. They are true wordsmiths, forging sparkling gold necklaces from the same twenty-six letter links most writers struggle to form into paperclip chains that get themselves tangled with little or no encouragement. I don't want to just tell a story, I want to make the page sparkle. And for me to come even within shouting distance of that goal means lots of revision, lots of fine tuning.

But you can't refine what you haven't mined. And I am getting better at bringing the ore to the surface.

I do think I will have some fun with the character of Rimtan. He is like a younger, hyperkinetic Jerry, so the two of them should drive Ted completely out of his gourd. Not sure if we're going to have a corpse here soon, but it's looking like a possibility. I hate to kill people in my books, but sometimes it's just the best thing for the story. Ya gotta be heartless in this business, I'm tellin' ya!

Oh, I'm not at all sure how this would work properly, but is anybody interested in setting up a sort of betting pool (no money involved, please) on when the first draft will be completed? I know I have what should be inside information, but honestly, I've only finished one first draft in my life and that took waaaaaaay longer than it should have, so I have little on which to base my guess other than optimism and giddy enthusiasm.

I say February 20, 2010.

Any other guesses out there?

See ya.

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