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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

We're going to try out a sort of Quick Progress Report format here. So just in case folks start following this there will be an easy way to see where I'm at and time can be saved for other things, like Your Own Life!

So from here out, I think we'll begin each entry with:

Words Since Last Update:

Current Word Count:

Current Chapter:

After that will be whatever seems pertinent or maybe even a bit of rambling.

So here's the latest...........

Words Since Last Update: 394

Current Word Count: 11531

Current Chapter: Six

Inertia? Did I say inertia in my last entry? I don't think so!

Okay, maybe I didn't crank out two thousand brilliant words today, but I did finish Chapter Five and begin Chapter Six and even though I tossed some of the earlier stuff in Chapter Five I still came out with a few hundred words net gain. The tossing and some of the fresh material happened before work, the rest during my dinner break.

I almost didn't take my computer to work with me because that repair I made to the hinge unrepaired itself. Crack, slight droop from my beloved laptop, big gasp from me. But it is holding together okay and I'm backing up everything about three times a day. Chapter Five will be posted here toot suite and the partial Chapter Six might make it there too.

So I'm going to do that right now. It took forever to get Wordpress to come up tonight after I got home from work. And I've got to go in for an early morning meeting tomorrow, so bedtime is beckoning.

Words have been written! More will come!

See ya.

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