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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Rechristening

A couple of weeks ago I began a new blog over on Wordpress. It is an almost daily (I know, I need be more disciplined) journal about, well, writing my new novel while still trying to do all those other things in life. You know, earning a living, being a husband and dad and son and friend, those kinds of things. Anyway, I have decided that maintaining two separate blogs just isn't feasible, or particularly smart, so it's just the one, although I will be posting it both here and on Wordpress.

If my Blogger friends would like to see any of the earlier posts, please visit my Wordpress blog. After this, I'll have all of the entries in both places. The one advantage of the Wordpress blog is I can have extra places there to post chapters as I complete the early drafts. So you can see that I'm actually making some progress!

Wordpress Blog for Writing a Novel, Living a Life

So that's the deal. I've got a year to complete my next book. Nobody is waiting for it. It's a follow-up to Boomerang, which has been read by maybe three hundred people, fewer than half of them what you could call paying customers.

I have no idea why I have to do this, but I do. There are many days when it all seems monumentally insane. Other days when it seems incredibly stupid. And a few days when I know beyond anything I have ever known or can hope to know that I am a writer and would expire if I didn't keep writing.

See ya.

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