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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boomerang Gets Its First Amazon Review!

Boomerang's First Amazon review!

I laughed like a drain reading Boomerang. This is a superb globe-trotting jet-setting farce that had me turning pages and staying up far too late, skipping work and finding hiding places in which I could read undisturbed. Boomerang contains a cavalcade of characters that we've all met on our travels and they are all treated with a level of consideration that automatically makes the reader empathise. Ted and Jerry are the main double-act hunting down a boomerang in which is hidden some super sensitive info that might blow open the American Intelligence and other Government structures, but they don't know that. Ted just wants his beloved guitar back out of the front window of Top Dollar Pawn and in his arms, Jerry could do with a beer. Hot on their heels are Ozzie women Doreen and Amelia-serious Shielas to do business with. Add to the mix a crossbow wielding assassin, underemployed Government agency staff and a clothing optional ex-cheerleader-all hot on their trail and you just know you're going to have a good time!

Read and enjoy, and then read it again!

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