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Friday, April 17, 2009

What They Don't Allow on Authonomy

During one of the message board exchanges on Authonomy (which for those of you who have just recently stopped in here at "Sketches" is a writers' site run by Harper Collins), I questioned, in a good natured, wink of the eye way, one of the other members almost desperate pleading for other members to read and "shelve" an excerpt from a member who goes by the name of RayMay. The avatar RayMay was using at the time showed a young lady of very attractive appearance and I simply put out there that perhaps her advocate had let that cloud his judgment regarding her writing. I then suggested that perhaps I should choose something more eye-catching than the pen sketch of my old Royal typewriter as my own avatar.

So I did. The photo above is what I submitted. It was taken inside the casino at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. I was there for what turned out to be the last corporate meeting of the company I worked for for twenty-one years and which went Chapter 11 bankrupt shortly after the soiree in Vegas.

This morning I received a note from Authonomy telling me my photo was unsuitable for the site. So I chose another I trust will pass muster. A straight on shot of Yours-Non-photogenically. Fully clothed, as God intended.

Then I clicked on a random excerpt on the site posted by another member to see if I could find some welcome literary surprise from a fellow unknown and was subjected to a barrage of F-bombs and sexual behavior of the most, shall we say, non-Catholic sort.

Interesting standards they have on the web sometimes.

Go Ye Forth and Do Likewise.

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Anna said...

I once saw on a site which asks for pictures of contributors, a picture of the young Bridget Bardot. My husband verified her identity! This was in 2002, and the picture showed her to be about 22.

I've also seen Mel Gibson.

Couldn't you pick out some unknown contestant for the 1920s Olympics or Mr Universe competiton and post that instead, Plum? Or Rudolf Valentino - with a make-over by photoshop or something.

It seems sites run out of control. They seem to illustrate the saying, "The path to hell is paved with good intentions."

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