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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Life Is Like

We watched the movie "Forrest Gump" a few evenings ago. Our fourteen year old daughter had seen portions of it in one of her classes (we may go into the subject of what I think is an excess of movie viewing used by ninth grade instructors at a later time) and was curious to see the whole thing. It had been quite a while since my wife and I had seen it and although it was familiar it was still enjoyable and capable of moving us to laughter and tears. Okay, so I didn't cry, but I got the throat lump thing when Bubba died.

Of course the most familiar line from the movie comes very early on, right after the breeze-blown feather that leads us through the opening credits lands by Forrest's muddy shoes.

"Momma always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

It's a great line. Memorable, succinct and, like any fine aphorism, containing a goodly amount of truth. It does, however, have a weakness, in that many boxes of chocolate come with a table of contents, often with photos, telling you what is in each little compartment. Two down and three across cradles a praline, bottom left corner a dark chocolate covered cashew resides, dead center lurks a ganache intense enough to throw a grown person into sugar shock. I like this arrangement, because to my mind there is little charm in following the glorious anticipation of a chocolate indulgence with a bite into one of those nasty, gooey, runny creme filled offenses to the confectioner's art.

Anyway, there are lots of Life Is Like phrases. Here are a few.

Life is like an onion, you peel it off one layer at a time and sometimes it makes you weep.~Carl Sandburg
No, I generally chop, slice or mince the things.

Life is like a coin, you choose how you spend it, but you only spend it once.~Lillian Dickson
To a certain degree, yes. But let's face it, life makes some of those choices for you. And no, I do not know who Lillian Dickson is. Or was.

Life is like a blanket too short. You pull it up and your toes rebel, you yank it down and shivers meander about your shoulder; but cheerful folks manage to draw their knees up and pass a very comfortable night.~ Marion Howard
I kind of like that one.

Life is like a game of poker: If you don't put any in the pot, there won't be any to take out.~Moms Mabley
This one is pretty solid too. It beats Sandburg's, that's for sure.

To this list of Life is Like pearls of wisdom, I would like to submit this humble entry inspired by one of my daily chores.

Life is Like Picking up Dog Poop. You can't get to it all standing in one place. But when you move around you just might step in some.~Me

The photo up top is of a ladybug my daughter encountered in the bathroom whilst combing her hair. At her request I removed it to the backyard. I thought you might like that better than a picture of dog poop.

Go Ye Forth and Do Likewise.


Timberati said...

"Life is terribly time consuming." - Anne Lamott

plumboz said...

Nope, it's got to start with "Life is like".

Let's play by the rules. No thinking outside the box allowed.

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