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Friday, March 20, 2009

Books I am Glad I Met

A friend recently tagged me on Facebook with one of those lists that like to circulate around the internet. This one calls itself "BBC Top 100 Books". One is supposed to check off the books on the list that one has read and pass it along. Now I just did a Google for "BBC Top 100 Books" and the list that came up was vintage 2003 and varied a bit from the list sent to me, so I have no idea if the list I was working off of is legitimate or was manufactured in the Far East with outsourced labor, but I ticked off the books I had read, putting lower case "x"s next to the works I thought less than worthy of any "Top" list and upper case "X"s next to the really good stuff. A few got more than one "X".

But the exercise got me thinking. Why not create a list of my own? I mean the BBC is a worthy organization with fair amount of brainpower at its command, but they ain't me. So I studied the question for a while, maybe fifteen minutes before going to sleep last night, and came up with Alan's Top 26 Books He Would Want To Have With Him No Matter What, or to use a common expression for such Gotta Have lists, Alan's Desert Island Books. I Hope you don't mind me referring to myself in the third person. It's part of my training to become the oldest rookie in the NFL.

Alan's Desert Island Books

1.) Huckleberry Finn....Twain
2.) David Copperfield....Dickens
3.) Leave It To Psmith....Wodehouse
4.) The Code of the Woosters....Wodehouse
5.) Pigs Have Wings....Wodehouse
6.) The Lord of the Rings....Tolkien
7.) A Confederacy of Dunces....Toole
8.) The Princess Bride....Goldman
9.) Going Postal....Pratchett
10.) Gaudy Night....Sayers
11.) Watership Down...Adams
12.) The Power of Myth...Campbell/Moyers
13.) Respect for Acting...Hagen
14.) Autobiography of Mark Twain...Twain/edited by Neider
15.) Great Possessions...Kline
16.) The Seekers...Boorstein
17.) Good Omens....Pratchett/Gaimen
18.) The Giving Tree....Silverstein
19.) A Wrinkle in Time....L'Engle
20.) The Dortmunder Novels...Westlake
21.) The Once and Future King....White
22.) Oh, The Places You'll Go....Seuss
23.) A Barrel of Laughs, A Vale of Tears....Feiffer
24.) Treasure Island....Stevenson
25.) The Marvelous Inventions of Alvin Fernald...Hicks

26.) Close Enough for Government Work...Hutcheson
(hey, if there's room in the satchel or I have a Kindle, of course I'm taking my own baby. Although we'll have to see if its fraternal twin Boomerang* edges it out)

Even as I type this more titles are coming to mind, so maybe this list will expand to forty or fifty or more. But that's what fifteen minutes gave me.

What's on your list?

Go Ye Forth and Do Likewise.

Latest word from Legend Press is that Boomerang will be available beginning next week. You can be assured I will post updates right here on Sketches by Plumboz.


Timberati said...

I have always like Twain's Innocents abroad.

[On being shown an Egyptian mummy] "Ferguson, is ... is he dead?"
Guide: "Yes, for over a thousand years."
"We don't want an old corpse. Bring us a new corpse."

plumboz said...

I could have filled that short list with Twain, Wodehouse and Westlake and not have come close to listing all their worthy efforts. Those guys are the ones I come back to again and again to remind myself why I want to do this. Pratchett became part of that Parthenon recently and Bryson is a lesser god. Heck, I could probably name a few hundred authors who inspire me no end.

And I'm always eager to find the next one!

Lexi said...

Watership Down?!?!

plumboz said...

Yes, Lexi, "Watership Down". It would be a weak, insecure man not to be able to admit he has a bunny book on his list. I am also particularly fond of "Wind in the Willows". No bunnies to speak of but Mole is cute in his own way.

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