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Monday, February 9, 2009

Pasta with Tomatoes and Leftover Ham

Or chicken or, if you're larder is lucky, pancetta.

We haven't done a recipe lately, so here goes with one I put together with What Was In The Cupboards and Fridge.

Pasta with Tomatoes and Ham
  • 16 ounces rotini
  • leftover ham, diced up small. I had maybe six or seven ounces
  • olive oil (about three tablespoons)
  • one small red onion, diced (I bet you can use a nice yellow onion)
  • 3 or 4 garlic cloves, smashed and minced
  • 32 ounce can of diced Roma tomatoes (or what ever you have in fresh or canned tomatoes)
  • Shake or two or three red pepper flakes, whatever works for you
  • a handful of basil. I'm lucky because I've got it in the garden. If that's not the case with you or it's just too damned expensive, skip it
  • a splash or three of red wine. If you've got a Trader Joes close, I do recommend Nero d'Avola, the best $4.49 Italian wine I've found. Drink it with your meal too!
  • Parmesan cheese. If at all possible, avoid that nasty stuff in the green can. The best is the chunk you grate yourself. The stuff in a bag is just fine.
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper

So, here's what you do:

Get a pot of water to boil. Cook the rotini to package specs. Drain.

Heat up the olive oil in a skillet and saute the onion for about three or four minutes.

Add the garlic and continue sauteing for maybe a minute. Don't go too long or you'll burn the garlic and that's a not good thing.

Sprinkle in the red pepper flakes.

Put in the tomatoes.

Let the sauce simmer for a bit while you do the rest.

Heat up a bit more olive oil in a smaller skillet or a saucepan. Get it nice and hot.
Toss in the diced ham (or chicken). Keep it moving while its in the pot. The object here is to get it kinda crispy. You can add a bit of salt, especially if it's chicken. I also popped in about a teaspoon of Italian seasoning. Usually I'm not big on dried seasonings, but this worked.

Season the sauce with salt and pepper to taste.

Add the pasta to the sauce, stir in all round.

Dish it up in nice, big bowls.

Sprinkle the ham (or chicken or pancetta or heck, you can use bacon) and parmesan cheese on top. If you've got the basil, sprinkle that on top too.

Pour a glass of wine, sit and enjoy.

Have a great day, everybody!

Go Ye Forth and Do Likewise.

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