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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oprah and The Container Store = 20% Off

Oprah Sez "Yes" to Container Store

Hi everyone. A few days ago on my MySpace page I posted a note letting folks know that my gracious day job employer, The Container Store, had joined up with the most Powerful and Influential Person (at least in regards to a lot of people's purchasing habits) on the planet, Oprah Winfrey, to offer a printable coupon for 20% off any purchase. Not just one item, but everything in your cart. Even if you end up with two carts, and I've seen plenty of that in the past few days.

Well, the cutoff day was supposed to be yesterday, but it has been extended to November 30th. Apparently we had to get special permission from the Grand Oprah to mess with the expiration date, but she said "Sure, sounds good to me." and so there you are.

Here is the link to Oprah's site and from there you can click your way to the coupon.

Like I said before, The Container Store has some pretty amazing stuff that can make life simpler and more organized. And especially for my writer friends I think this is a good thing.

Special Update! We have jumped ahead to February 19, 2009 and the Deal Is On Again! Oprah replayed her show from November (it's not a rerun, it's an encore performance) and so The Container Store is encoring the special. Here's the new click for the current coupon.

Container Store Coupon Courtesy of Oprah.

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