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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Abbreviated Excerpts

Abbreviated Readers’ Choice

I know everyone's time is valuable, so here are simply the opening sentences to my three in-progress novels. Which one, if any, would prompt you to keep reading?



Alan Hutcheson

Chapter One

Not all that long ago, Tuesday perhaps, in a land not quite so far away as you and I might like to think, there lived a youngish fellow named Dash Bailey.

From "The Baer Boys"

The Baer Boys

Alan Hutcheson


It's a great speech from what might be the greatest play of all time. And I thought I was doing it pretty darned well. Hell, from where I stood, down stage center in the Angus Bowmer Theatre in Ashland, Oregon, I thought I was nailing it.

And finally, from "A Pm for Pittiana"

A PM for Pittiana

by Alan Hutcheson


Excerpt from the journal of Thomas Hutchinson

former Royal Governor of Massachusetts Colony

8, June 1775

Plymouth Port

Our party departed on the tide this morning from Plymouth harbor bound for Boston. We number fifty-three, among us eight families and seven single men, all persons of good background and breeding. The news late received through the good offices of the Earl of Chatham makes us bold to return to the land of our birth. His gracious services will long be remembered and his name forever upon our lips.


Anna said...

I'd continue reading 'Dash'. The jaunty style appeals.

I might well read the others too.

Lexi said...

Alan, I'n shocked.

Not one, but TWO 'I thoughts' in the first paragraph of The Baer Boys!

When you made me swear off 'I thought'.


plumboz said...


I thought you wouldn't notice.

Dang, there I go again!

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