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Monday, September 1, 2008


It is still unclear exactly when Authonomy will be out of beta stage and thus open only to invitees, but I am quite happy to announce that Boomerang has squeaked in at Number Five on the first Editors' Desk chart, thus earning the chance to be examined, commented on and, if Heaven is feeling like departing from Business as Usual for a day, possibly even considered for publication by Harper Collins Publishers UK variety.

If nothing else, it was gratifying to have so many readers put Boomerang on their bookshelves these past months. By doing so they were essentially saying "This is a book I would buy" and that is a wonderful thing to hear. And lest you think that the list of Boomerang fans was padded with friends and family, may I say that my internet writing friends of fairly long standing comprised but a small percentage of Boomerang backers, with the vast majority being folks whose first exposure to both myself and the book came strictly through Authonomy. Getting new readers is always a deep pleasure.

Tomorrow I will pass on some of the comments Boomerang received, but for now must get myself to the day job.

Best to all.

Go Ye Forth and Do Likewise.


Lexi said...

Alan, on the Books Page you're number two.

Well done - Boomerang got my vote, and many others.

Timber Beast said...

Kudos. Bon chance.

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