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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hi everyone. Here's a bit of an expanded album of our Hawaii trip.
Did we have a grand time?

You Betcha!

This is from the last viewpoint on the Waimea Canyon Drive.

One of the views from the Kilauea Lighthouse on Kauai.

A view of the lighthouse.

One of the many, many gorgeous views at Allerton Gardens on Kauai.

North Shore of Kauai.

North Shore of Oahu.

The living room (and part of the kitchen) of our suite at Kauai Country Inn.

Visitors' Center at National Tropical Botanical Garden. (Allerton Garden)

South Shore of Oahu

Dancers on boat tour to Fern Grotto on Kauai

King Kamehameha in Honolulu

Lawai Beach as seen during approach to Allerton Garden

Anne and You Know Who at the Dole Plantation Tourist Trap


Lexi said...

It looks beautiful.

I rather like the statue of King Kamehameha (I'm partial to black and gold) and have been wondering what his outfit is. Roman, traditional Hawaiian, or a mixture?

plumboz said...

Honestly, I think the King's ensemble is by Speedo. He had an endorsement contract with them.

Timber Beast said...

Wow. I have some-sort-of envy. Very pretty spot.

plumboz said...


Yep, it is very pretty. Can't turn around fast enough to find something that isn't pretty on Kauai. Nice people, too.

When I asked the couple who own the "inn" we stayed at (four huge suites, all with kitchens and computers and decks and oh, it was just so nice) anyway, when I asked them if they ever close up for a while and get away, the husband asked me "Where to? What could be better then here?"

He had a point.

cath said...

Hey Alan,

Came by to find out how to contact you about other stuff and was delighted to see that you have been off to the Islands!

I have never been to Kauai but have heard so much about its beauty - your photos brought it to life.

Nice to see your's and Anne's smiling faces.

Cathy Mullan

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