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Friday, June 27, 2008


Note: The pic above has absolutely nothing to do with the content of the following mini-essay. I just have all these great photos from Hawai'i and I want to share. This one is of me and my sweetie in The Allerton Gardens on the South Shore of Kauai. We are posing amongst the humungous above ground root system of the Moreton Bay Something or Other Tree (you'll get no horticultural lessons here, thank you very much). Where we are standing is, according to our extremely knowledgeable guide Nate, who knows all the plant names, the spot where the kid found the dinosaur egg in the movie Jurassic Park. There were no eggs to be found on the day of our visit, which was a pity but we had a good time anyway.

And now the mini-essay.

TMI=Too Much Information.

A couple of evenings ago the wife, the daughter and I settled in to watch the movie Martian Child starring John Cusack, his sister Joan, the always lovely Amanda Peet and a youngster by the name of Bobby Coleman. It is a lovely film about the relationship that builds between David, a recently widowed science fiction author and Dennis, an orphaned boy who is dealing with the losses in his short life by claiming to be from Mars. He is on a mission, he says, and when his mission is complete he will be going "back home". Joan Cusack, in a curious bit of casting, plays John Cusack's sister, who has a brood of her own. Ms. Peet is a longtime friend with a penchant for slightly eccentric outfits. But the story is about David and Dennis and it works. You have a pretty good idea how things will work out, but you care and you worry and you cheer.

And I should have left it at that. But whenever we watch a movie on DVD I like to check out the Special Features. They usually disappoint, I mean just how entertaining do they think it is to watch an actor flub a line and then giggle? Multiple times? Not what you can call riveting. But sometimes there are neat little films about the making of the film or the story behind the film and I usually like those. Martian Child has just such a short feature, one that focuses on Bobby Coleman, the very talented young actor who plays Dennis, the Martian Child. In it you get to see Bobby's audition, and meet his family and watch him just being Bobby. It was all very good, but at the end I really rather wished I hadn't watched it because it diminished the impact of the film we had just watched. The image of Bobby the kid and Bobby the actor was now in my mind, obscuring the recent and vivid and moving image of Dennis the Martian Child.

Maybe backstage passes just aren't that great.

And now, more Hawai'i pics.

Go Ye Forth and Do Likewise.


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Timber Beast said...

Maybe TMI but not TMP, (not) Too Many Photos.

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