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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Now That's What I Call Putting the Customer First.....Not

Of course this photo has nothing to do with air travel. I found these leaves under one of those Trees with Big Above Ground Roots at Allerton Gardens on Kauai.
But I figured it was prettier than the shot I took of the Smokers' Detention Cell at the Salt Lake City airport.

One Guess Why the Airlines Are in Trouble

The last two summers we traveled by plane to our vacation destinations. Last year it was to Washington D.C., a long planned family trip that was perfect in every way except the traveling portion. Delta Airlines screwed up our connections, routed us all over the place for no apparent reason and lost our luggage both ways. We vowed not to give them our custom again.

Then my sweet patootie and I were offered free airfare to Hawai'i by my step-father in law. Yep, I've got two fathers in law, each quite different from the other and both of them sterling individuals in their unique ways. Anyway, the step dad in law travels a lot and he had a gazillion frequent flier miles that were going to expire if he didn't use 'em up quick. Solution? Get us to Hawai'i as a 25th wedding anniversay gift. Great! But of course the miles were with Delta. Oh well. And the routes that were available to use with frequent flier miles were stupid. On the way to Honolulu we went from Phoenix up to Salt Lake City. Okay. Then from there to Los Angeles. Why? LA to Honolulu about twelve hours later. A long travel day. Our luggage was not lost.

On the way back, for some reason we were spared the stop in Los Angeles, traveling straight from Honolulu to Salt Lake City to connect to Phoenix. Okay, fine. We arrived in SLC, checked our next gate, got a Starbucks refresher and waited by our gate. Half an hour before our flight was to take off there popped up a different flight on that gate's info board, A flight to Denver. We didn't want to go to Denver. I asked the gate agent. She said, "The Phoenix flight was changed to Gate B-4. Iguess I should announce it." Really? We were at Gate E-67. Half a mile later we made our flight.

Of course, Delta operates non-stop flights from Phoenix to Honolulu all the time. But why would they want to make those available to people who are using frequent flier miles? It's not like they should go out of their way to treat those folks nice, now is there?

Go Ye Forth and Do Better.

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